Simple single domestic wheel stop PARK-DH-223

Simple single domestic wheel stop PARK-DH-223
Wheel stops and chocks

Applications of PARK-DH-223 wheel stoppers

  • They are ideal for residential and public garages that want to separate and demarcate parking spaces.
  • They protect the vehicle during parking from miscalculation.
  • Wheel stops delimit the space that vehicles move and park in relation to. They allow the creation of safe crossing areas for pedestrians, bicycles, etc.
  • In storage areas, they delimit the areas where the clerks move to avoid accidents.
  • They prevent vehicles from minor collisions with structural elements while parking saving money on any repairs.
  • They protect pedestrians by not allowing vehicles to cross the pedestrian area.

Advantages of PARK-DH-223 wheel stoppers

  • Extremely economical solution.
  • They have intense coloring for high visibility even at night.
  • Wheel stoppers are maintenance free.
  • They can be mounted on most surfaces where vehicles move.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Wheel stoppers prevent accidents and save money.
  • Great resistance to external environmental conditions. They are not affected by moisture, UV radiation, etc.
  • Also suitable for temporary installation.
  • They have a low profile, suitable for most vehicles.
  • The wheel stoppers are made from recycled car tires and are therefore environmentally friendly.
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