Equipment and facilities

Equipment and facilities

Under the very difficult circumstances prevailing in the market, our company does not stop modernizing itself with the best equipment available on the market. With our own funds, without joining any program, we proceeded to purchase a state-of-the-art laser cutting machine that will contribute together with all the other machines of our company in the best quality and in a healthier competition. Since the beginning of 2010, the largest bystronic laser cutting machine, a powerful production machine, whose power reaches 6000 Watts, has been installed in our factory. The company with all the laser cutting machines it has, with the specialized staff and with the new bystronic laser cutting machine will be able to cope with the most difficult demands of its customers.

Our new laser cutting machine "LASER BYSTRONIC 6000WATT"


The equipment available to the company Baxevanos lasercutting VI.ME.KA. is the most modern and is a point of reference for sheet metal processing industries.

Continuous investments in new technologies increase the production capabilities while at the same time expanding the range of products produced.

1 Laser Bystronic Bystar 3015 6000 WATT

Laser Bystronic Bystar 3015 6000 WATT

2 G-CUT CNC Rotary Cutting Shears with a cutting length of 4000mm X 10mm.

G-CUT CNC Rotary Cutting Scissors

2 CNC G-Flex extrusion presses

G-Flex CNC extrusion presses
1 G-Flex CNC 3210 Press brake 3000mm long.
1 G-Flex CNC 4210 Crimping press 4000mm long.

1 G-Flex CNC 4210 Crimping press 4000mm long.

1 New CNC twister DMS 90 CNC M1

CNC winder

1 Sahinler CNC Sheet Bending Roll with a length of 4000mm


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Laser cutter


Spray cans

Spray cans

Spray cans

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