Company profile

Company profile

The company BAXEVANOS LTD, with a continuous presence since 1967 in Northern Greece, trades industrial goods of well-known European houses in a brand new space, offering high-level products and services fully responding to your modern requirements.

In a specially designed space of 4000 m2, experienced staff reliably and responsibly manufacture your orders using modern CNC technology machines . Strands, scissors, rollers, submerged arc welder, three state-of-the-art LASER cutting machines 2500WATT, 3000WATT 6000WATT .

With prudence and efficiency, we manufacture and trade throughout Greece and abroad chassis of agricultural machinery of all types and capacities as well as certified high pressure airlocks. We also offer you complete solutions in study, design and construction by experienced staff.

Our company's workforce consists of 20 people who are ready to offer their best for your service.

Our company consists of the following departments:

  1. The customer service department in which our qualified staff through an electronic system executes the orders immediately and quickly after thorough checks to avoid the possibility of error and the final result seals the quality and reliability that characterizes our company.
  2. The Industrial Design department which consists of experienced designers.
  3. And the Quality Control department .
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