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Ownership and identity information

This website is owned by the private company BI.ME.KA. Baxevanos Ltd (hereinafter the Owner). The Owner’s details are:


BI.ME.KA. Baxevanos Ltd

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Selling the company’s products and customer support

Contact address:

12th km Veria - Naoussa, 59200 Naoussa, GREECE

Contact phone number:

+30 2332042309

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Website or website means all web pages, applications, e-services, content, text, information, photographs, video visualizations, etc., which are included under the URL address

General terms

The use of the wedsite and the making of purchases through it is determined and governed by the following terms and conditions. Before you enter and use the website, read carefully and make sure you understand and agree with these terms, rules, statements and conditions, as your continued use and browsing the website, implies your express and unreserved consent and acceptance of them. Also, by using the site, you declare that all of your information and warranties contained in this agreement are true and you guarantee their accuracy.

The Owner reserves the right to unilaterally modify or change the content of the website at any time without prior notice to users. Visitors/users have the responsibility for checking periodically whether any modifications have been made to these terms of use. The Owner informs users through this website of any changes made to the terms of the transactions. Any modification or change does not apply or affect the already completed or executing orders. The terms and conditions of the use of the website and the transactions carried out through it do not affect the provisions of mandatory rules of Greek legislation. E-shop contracts are made in the English language you indicate that you are familiar with (in writing and reading). The use of the e-shop is forbidden to minors or persons lacking legal capacity.

This contract and any other contracts on the site are made in the English language you indicate that you are familiar with (in writing and reading). When entering, you confirm the fact that you are an adult that has a legal capacity and you are bound not to allow the use of your data and passwords by minors and persons lacking legal capacity. If such use is made, you are the ones to take the responsibility. For this reason, please, follow the basic rules of online transaction security.

Limitation of Liability

The website is provided to you "as is" and your use is solely at your own risk. The Owner is not responsible for the accuracy, validity, completeness, accuracy or usefulness of the site, nor does it provide any kind of guarantee as to its suitability (technical or otherwise) for any purpose.

The website of the Owner is not responsible for any technical problems that may arise to users when they attempt to access the website or during their visit and are relevant to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure when using the website. Also, the Owner does not bear any responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties and, in particular, of illegal third party interventions on products and/or services and /or information made available through his website.

As this website contains references to third party websites, the is not responsible for the content of these pages and for any damage that may result from their use, since visitor’s access to them is exclusively his own choice and responsibility.

The Owner cannot guarantee how much time it will take from the date of execution of the customer's payment in any way until the date when the amount will be debited to Owner's bank account, as this depends on third parties involved (credit institutions).

User Obligations

Users of the send their orders and communicate with the electronically, through emails or messages via the contact form. Therefore, they accept the right of the to communicate with them electronically in order to process the order, provide them with technical support or further information. They agree in advance that this kind of communication and the information included meets the existing legal requirements and rules regarding the exchange of such information in written or phone form.

When executing orders, users of the website are bound to provide valid, complete and accurate registration information that is recorded during the placement of their order.

The visitor is obliged to use the website according to the law, the principles of morality and the present terms, and not to commit any acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction, affect or endanger the services of the

Users of the e-shop accept and are bound not to use the e-shop for sending, publishing or generally transmitting in any way illegal, harmful, threatening, racist, offensive, annoying, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous content to minors. The above content is not allowed to be retransmitted in accordance to legislation and legal provisions. Furthermore, visiting the website as well as the transaction process has to be done for personal and private use and exclusively for legitimate purposes in a way that its use is not restricted or impeded by third parties.

Users of the website accept and are bound not to use the website to carry out acts, that may result in applying criminal prosecution or the commencement of any civil or administrative proceedings against the Owner for acts that are indicatively but not exclusively mentioned in the Criminal Code, Special Criminal Laws, Telecommunications Legislation, Legislation for the Protection of Personal Data, as well as in the related provisions or directives of the European Union or the National Telecommunications Commission, the Data Protection Authority or any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service.

Users are not allowed to transmit internal and confidential information obtained or disclosed as a part of trade relations or that is covered by confidentiality agreements, nor the information that violates any patents, trademarks and secrets, copyrights or other proprietary rights of third parties. Finally, users are not allowed to enter and install, intentionally or unintentionally, malicious software or any other codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or interfere with the operation of any software or computer hardware, since such action violates the existing Greek and community legislation and its provisions. In addition, users are not allowed, by visiting the website of the Owner, to annoy third parties in any way or any content, or use the site to collect and save user’s personal data.

Personal data protection

The collects its users’ personal data:

User’s personal data is saved in the database of the

Personal data is collected solely for the purpose of executing the user's order and/or contacting of the Owner with the user to provide additional information related to products of the

User's personal data is in no way published, sold, published or made available to third parties. An exception is the provision of your personal data to judicial and prosecution authorities at their request.

The data collected by the is the following: does not have access to and does not in any way store the personal information used in payment, such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, and payment service codes.

Access to user’s personal data by:

The user has the ability to be informed about his/her personal data, change his/her data, or erase all his/her personal data registered in the at any time through a simple request, using the e-mail stated on his registration. After the completion of the user’s request, he/she will be informed by e-mail. takes all the necessary measures that are appropriate for the security and integrity of the personal data it stores and to prevent malicious spying and leakage.

Use of cookies

The website uses cookies to distinguish its visitors and improve user’s online experience. Cookies are small text files that the website places on the user's device to “remember” the user's options such as language, country, appearance, etc.

We store two cookies with names:

  1. vid
    It stores a unique ID for each visitor so that visitors can be distinguished.
  2. consent
    Saves the date you accepted the storing of cookies on your device so we know if you have accepted cookies and when.

The cookies, are saved in the user's computer, only after user’s consent by clicking on the relevant button.

Cookies management

Cookies are stored on the user's computer only after his/her consent by clicking on the “Accept” button. You can delete cookies according to your wishes whenever you want. You can also set up browsers in a way that do not allow cookies to be stored. However, in this case, you may need to adjust your preferences each time you visit the website. Also, note that some website services may not function properly.

Other site cookies

When is used, cookies from other sites are stored as indicative but not limited to: has no control over, or access to, the cookies of these sites. The user has to check the policy of these sites for more information about these cookies.

Ways and terms of payment

The payment for the purchase of products from the is done in the following ways:

1. Deposit in bank account

You can deposit the money of your order in one of the following accounts.

Attention! On the bank receipt you must refer to your full name.

The Owner holds the following accounts in Euros:

Alpha Bank

IBAN: GR4401408310831002002003392

Piraeus Bank

IBAN: GR6101722440005244085678927

National Bank of Greece 

IBAN: GR1901108600000086044002672


IBAN: GR9402603450000130200191349

2. Credit Card

We give you the ability to pay your order through your credit card. If you own a Visa, MasterCard or American Express you can use it with total safety.

This procedure is covered by the most synchronized terms of safety. is responsible for this procedure making it safer for you.

By choosing the credit card picture you transfer automatically to the secure environment of Alpha Bank where you can enter your card details (card number, CVV, expiration date).

Your credit card data are not stored at any database of So your dealings in our online shop through credit cards are totally safe.


Product shipping sends the orders within two (2) working days beginning from the order day. does not send orders in the weekend. So orders placed on Friday will be shipped on Monday morning.

Orders for shipment outside the E.U. are subject to additional handling charges, higher shipping rates, and applicable customs, duties, and taxes, all of which are the responsibility of the customer.

Ways of shipping

The Owner can service customers in the whole world. The shipping costs vary depending on the weight and the capacity of the products. has an automate program for calculating shipping costs for the products you wish to buy. Therefore after you fulfill your purchase, in your shipping cart you can see the total shipping cost.

Additionally you have the ability of choosing your own courrier. In this case you are responsible for all the shipping costs. Your order pick-up from your own courrier will be exclusively from our offices under your request. For avoiding mistakes and misunderstoods in this case the Owner will contact you by telephone.

Availability will let you know over the availability of the products. If any of these products is not available you won't be able to buy it by the system. Also if the quantity you have chosen is bigger than the one that exists, the system will inform you for the maximun availability at this moment.

In the products that have date availability, the shippment will be after this date.

Furthermore in any products that there is no date availability, it means that we don't know when they will be available.

Products Guarantee

The Owner provides guarantee for products good function for 12 months time from the purchase date. To be valid you should attach the authentic invoice or the receipt.

Damage from any accident, neglection, disaster, bad use, electricity alteration or any interference from any person unauthorized, beyond our company is not covered by guarantee.

Please be aware that many products guarantees do not provide coverage outside the E.U. and some products may not be exported under any circumstances due to manufacturer’s restrictions or International law. The Owner makes no representations regarding guarantee coverage, compatibility, or serviceability for products that are used outside the E.U.

Right of withdrawal

From the day of receiving the products, the customer reserves the right to withdraw the purchased product within five (5) working days, without being charged with any expenses.

The customer has to send them back within five (5) working days, to inform the while the Owner is obliged to return the amount paid by the consumer within thirty (30) calendar days. If the price has been debited to customer's credit card, the exercise of the right of withdrawal also results in the termination of the relevant tripartite contract among the customer, supplier and the bank without any compensation being paid.

Applicable law

This electronic agreement is subject to the provisions and laws of the Greek State and of the European Union.

At first, any disagreement relating to the e-shop’s operation will be attempted to be resolved out of court. In the absence of a compromised solution, the court in charge for resolving the matter is the Courts of Naoussa and Veria.

Last change of terms of use: November 7, 2021


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