Simple Single Household Wheel Stop PARK-DH-223

Simple Single Household Wheel Stop PARK-DH-223
Wheel stops and chocks

Wheel stops are the most economical and safest solution for parking cars precisely in the right place. They are ideal for residential and public garages where the separation and demarcation of parking spaces is required. Their good behavior in external environmental conditions makes them suitable for both closed and open garages.

They are environmentally friendly, made from recycled car tires. They are made by molding the material, so they form a single body with high resistance, especially to the stresses from car tires. With the reflective elements they have, they are clearly visible even at night.

They are available in various designs and dimensions capable of meeting every requirement. Single wheel stops are installed in pairs for each vehicle (one for each wheel), while double ones are installed one for each vehicle, since they block both wheels. They are also suitable for temporary installation.

Excellent solution on most surfaces where vehicles move, in small parking lots with limited space, where the vehicle has a specific position, or in large parking lots with many vehicles, where a parking order is required. They act in addition to the lines which are easy to trample. By sticking to the ground, they stop the wheel of the vehicle in the right place. They therefore act as a deterrent in micro-collisions with structural elements due to miscalculation during parking, saving money on any repairs. In storage areas, they delimit the areas where the clerks move to avoid accidents. They are additionally a smart solution for creating safe crossing areas for pedestrians, bicycles, etc. Their low profile makes them suitable for most vehicles.

They show great resistance to external environmental conditions without being affected by humidity, UV radiation, etc. and require zero maintenance. They are easy to store and transport, while their installation is simple and requires no specialized personnel or tools.

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