Type C Articulating Bar with 3 Legs HSC3L-8050-4218-GAL

Type C Articulating Bar with 3 Legs HSC3L-8050-4218-GAL
Parking bars

The HSC3L-8050-4218-GAL 3-Leg C-Shaped Parking Bar is sturdy and reliable. It is made of galvanized steel pipe with a diameter of Φ42mm and has dimensions of 760mm x 500mm. It has reflective strips and locks with a padlock which can be easily replaced. Also available painted in RAL color.

Easy to use and economical, it protects your private space from illegal occupation at the lowest cost. In the lowered position it allows the car to move comfortably. Delivered with its accessories ready to install.

Parking Bars Applications and Advantages

Applications of modular parking bars:

  • Mainly for control of parking spaces and vehicle access.
  • In many cases such as: hotels, parking lots, municipal spaces, sidewalks, companies, warehouses, event spaces, places for the disabled.
  • In private areas to prevent the passage of unauthorized vehicles.
  • In the parking spaces during the stay of the parked vehicle offering extra security against theft.
  • In front of loading and unloading areas to remain free.
  • In front of shop windows as a deterrent to would-be robbers, who break into shops with their vehicles.
  • In large companies or stores to reserve seats for their executives or for high-ranking guests.
  • From the municipal authorities to sidewalks that open certain hours of the day to supply the shops. They may have a similar use in tourist areas.
  • In car dealerships to check available parking spaces and also to protect parked vehicles from theft.

Advantages of modular parking bars:

  • Economical solution.
  • Easy to install and handle.
  • In the lowered position they take up minimal height.
  • Sturdy, made of galvanized pipe Φ42 mm.
  • They have strong hinges and pre-drilled mounting points.
  • Practical packaging measuring 60cmx80cmx5cm containing installation instructions and all accessories.
  • Two-legged folding parking bars can easily be converted into tripods with the right kit if needs change.
  • They have reflective strips to be clearly visible from a distance.
  • Locking and unlocking them is particularly easy and quick by a single person.
  • The screws have special covers to protect and prevent unscrewing.
  • The padlock is easy to replace - if needed - by a new one with new keys.
Available from 4 to 10 days

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