Bostik turbo + polyurethane foam 750ml

Bostik turbo + polyurethane foam 750ml
Polyurethane foams
Professional, versatile, fast curing polyurethane foam for welding and filling.

Applications: For welding structural elements (aerated concrete, bricks, window sills, etc.), for dry construction panels (wood, OSB, plasterboard, etc.), for extruded and expanded polystyrene plates, etc. It is also used as a classic polyurethane foam for insulation and gap filling, for installation of frames, windows, doors and casements, etc. The application time of the foam is very fast and it is designed to optimize the installation method. Wait 60 seconds after applying the foam to the element and hold 60 seconds to achieve initial retention. CAUTION: Foam is ALWAYS stored and transported in an upright position.

Limitations: Not recommended for underwater use. Joints larger and deeper than 4cm should be filled in layers. The surface of the foam should be protected from solar radiation.
Available from 4 to 10 days

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