DB polyurethane foam gun B3 700ml, green

DB polyurethane foam gun B3 700ml, green
Polyurethane foams
Low expansion, one component, expanding polyurethane foam gun. Designed for sealing and filling joints, gaps and connections. After application, the foam expands and matures with atmospheric moisture. Excellent grip and insulation. Fire retardant class B3 according to DIN 4102-1.

Applications: For installing frames, joint joints around frames, construction joints, partition walls, ceilings, floor joints, masonry holes, for installing pipes through walls and floors. In general the foam has excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, stone, plaster, wood, metal, plastics, polystyrene, rigid PU foam and rigid PVC. CAUTION: Foam is ALWAYS stored and transported in an upright position.

Limitations: Not recommended for underwater use. Joints larger and deeper than 5 cm should be filled in layers. The surface of the foam should be protected
from solar radiation.
Available from 4 to 10 days

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