DB polystyrene welding foam gun 825ml, yellow

DB polystyrene welding foam gun 825ml, yellow
Polyurethane foams
One-component professional gun foam for polystyrene and EPS bonding. It ripens with atmospheric humidity and does not contain H (CFC). It does not dissolve and is not palatable to rodents. It is elastic and can be plastered. It replaces traditional (cement-based) adhesives. Saves time and storage space. Excellent grip and insulation. Certified with ETAG 004:2000 ETICS. Absorbs vibrations and improves sound insulation.

Applications: For use in thermal facade systems. Strong bonding of polystyrene (EPS, EPS-P, XPS etc.), rigid polyurethane foam (PUR/ PIR) and mineral fiber panels. Suitable for filling the joints between thermal insulation boards.

Limitations: Not recommended for permanent immersion in water. For external uses the surface of the foam must be protected from UV rays. ALWAYS stored and transported upright.
Available from 4 to 10 days

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